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1964 Ford GT40 #12 Le Mans

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1964 Ford GT40 GT104 #12 at Le Mans

This is another oldie now ready for the shelf.  Started many years ago before the resin casters released theirs. Used a Fujimi GT40 kit and a 1/24 Cox injection molded slot body.  I used the front section and the rear section of the Cox body grafted onto the Fujimi chassis and center section to give me a 1964 version.  The beautiful correct outside laced wheels and tires are from Passion for Racers.  Decals are by Fred Cady. Pretty routine but it did take a bit of tweaking to get everything to fit and an adjustment to the wheelbase. 


Here it is compared to the IMC '64 GT40.


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Very nice conversion. You grafted the elements of the two kits together beautifully. An excellent bit of GT-40 history.

The wheels look nice. Do you have a link for them? I googled Passion for Racers, but couldn't find anything relevant. 

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Thanks Rich.  There is a back story that goes along with this COX slot racer.  Wayne Moyer invited me to go with him to this fellows house who wanted to sell Wayne some models.  We pulled up to a normal looking ranch house in a nice neighborhood and were welcomed inside.  OMG, the guy was a hoarder of models and toys, said he went to yard sales and had filled his house.  As we were leaving through the garage I spotted the COX box.  I had heard of them but never seen one and we struck a deal on it.  I was surprised that the art work was for the 1965 Daytona Continental winner #73 but the model body was for a 1964 Le Mans and Nürburgring GT40.  I was really pleased so when the Fujimi GT40 was released I knew I had a plan, just took me several decades to get it done.  What I don't know was why this guy had a barbeque grill in his kitchen!   


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That's a great story Gary. For many of us each piece we have in our collection is a treasured memory.  Its why we can't bear to part with the piece. It would be like getting rid of the memory. And the older we get, the more  valuable those memories are. 

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Excellent work on another one of a kind model.  Glad to see you cranking out some projects that have been around a while.  I have found that sometimes waiting a long time allows the aftermarket to catch up and offer parts we could not have dreamed of being available decades earlier.

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