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It's a twin turbo 475hp Cummins. If I'm remembering correctly the twin turbo setup wasn't terribly successful so it's lifespan was fairly short. However, the basic engine is pretty accurate for most late "Big Cam" Cummins engines with some mods.

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The same Cummins 475 engine is in all of the Revell Germany Peterbilt 353/359, Kenworth K100 and T600 kits, and the very wrong Marmon kit.
The original Stepp's Can-Do wrecker the kit is based on is a short hood 379 119 bbc and had a Cat 3406 enigne and the model is a 359 127 bbc with the Cummins 475, but the rest is correct for the first version of the Can-Do as the truck has been re-done since the model kit was made.
Some say the original Can-Do truck is a 378 and not a 379, but according to the Peterbilt guru Tim Ahlborn's site the 378-119 has a one piece fiberglass hood and the 379-119 has an aluminum hood riveted together and you can see a parting line with rivets near the top of the hood on the 379 wich the 378 don't have, this aluminum hood is on the real Can-Do as you can clearly see the the parting line and rivets on some of the pictures of it.

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Well the real Can-Do is a short hood 379 119" bbc and the thing I refered to from Tim's website is how you can tell the difference between a 378 119" and a 379 119".
The Italeri kit issued by AMT recently is a 378 and the hood can be modified to look like a 379 aluminum hood with some work.

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On 5/31/2021 at 3:15 PM, Jim B said:

It's this another case of Revell putting a 379 on the box, but a 359 in the box?

A classic case of taking a shortcut.
It's not a bad kit, it has lots of parts and the wrecker parts are very nice, but you can't do a correct replica of the Stepp's Can-Do wrecker with what's in the box.

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