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Smokey Yunick Gold?

Dan Hay

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I bought this Fireball Roberts 62 Poncho off of ebay.  It had issues with the decals and the paint, so I thought I'd fix or restore it.  The question is: those of you who have built a Smokey Yunick racecar, what do you use for the gold?  If you look at the pictures, I painted the center of the hood with Tamiya Gold, and it is far off from matching. I'd like to find the matching paint and touch it up, but if I cannot, I'd like to figure out a gold that is closest to what Smokey used. So, what say you? is the gold on this car correct? Seems dark.  What have you used to paint Smokey Yunick cars?  Thanks in advance.  Worst case scenario I repaint the gold with Tamiya and call it good, but my perfectionist self would like to try to match it or get the correct Smokey Yunick Gold. 




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21 hours ago, Matt T. said:

Oh, you’re right. Dang. I have a hard time keeping up with the changes to the Testors product line lately. Sorry about that! 

No worries, I found some at my local Hobby Lobby. It doesn’t match the gold on the car, but it looks a lot closer to the color I see Smokey used from internet pics, so I’m just going to repaint all the gold with testors pure gold. The hood is painted pure gold. 

Trying to figure out what random paint some builder used years ago seems like a fruitless pursuit.


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The gold Smokey used was a Chevy color called Granada Gold.  You can sometimes find it in a spray can from Duplicolor, or if you have an airbrush you can order a small bottle of it from Scalefinishes.  You can find it on his website under the first gen Camaro colors.  I built this Curtis Turner '65 Impala using the Scalefinishes paint.spacer.png

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