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1964 Oldsmobile P-85

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Is it a prototype? Was it build for Oldsmobile's personal use? Or was it an independent conversion? Who cares, here it is.

This is a mashup of the new reissue AMT '64 Cutlass convertible and a late '80's reissue of the AMT '65 El Camino. The cowl, roof, bed, and tailgate, along with about 1/8" of the rear quarters, was cut out of the El Camino body, and a comparable area of the Cutlass body was removed, then the two were spliced. A bit of reshaping to the rear quarters and copious amounts of putty did the rest. The interior is the Cutlass tub cut down and capped off at the back with the El Camino's interior tub rear bulkhead. 

The chassis is from the El Camino, it required a bit of trimming to fit the now-narrower rear quarters at the very rear of the car. I also lowered because the stock axle position would have had the thing sit like a 4x4. The Olds engine pretty much dropped in, but I had to move the axle notch forward.  I didn't wire the engine or go too far with detail because the conversion was enough of a project for me. Wheels were pirated from an AMT '69 4-4-2, with tires from an AMT '77 Pacer wagon. Eventually I might put the camper on the back, the version of the El Camino I used only had the topper shell. 


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Great mashup of the two bodies, and making it not look like a show car was very inspired!

I've had a similar project going with a '62 F-85 coupe, combined with rear quarters and rear roof from a '61 F-85 wagon - really should get that one finished after 40-some years...

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