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2018 KOHR Motorsports "Gentleman Jim" Mustang GT4

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Finally calling this one complete! A lot of time in this one trying to perfect the chrome look and replicate the exact livery as it ran in the 2018 Monterey Grand Prix 120 at Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca. Took me two bodies as my first chrome attempt with Gravity Colors Chrome failed. The look was bright silver, and the clear didn't adhere well - parts came off with my masking around the window sills. Tried again with chrome vinyl which is what you see here. Laid the vinyl out like a body wrap, cutting them into more manageable pieces along the body lines. A handful of decals are from Indycals, and most of them I designed and had printed by Highball Graphics. Carbon fiber is a combination of Studio 27's and custom Scale Motorsports. 

I enjoy the inspiration this place gives for future builds!

Thanks for looking!










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Thank you all for the kind words!! It was definitely a labor of love - and at times slight hate... I tried two different chrome paint techniques, both over a high gloss black base. Both attempts turned out silver to bright silver with some reflection but neither came close to replicating the chrome wrap of the real GT4 car. Considering the actual car is a vinyl wrap I thought I'd give that a try to get the true mirror type reflection on the model. I used this hobby vinyl to wrap the body panels:


It's about 2.5 mils thick, and stretches decently. That said, it's adhesive isn't great but does work for this application. Further - DO NOT USE HEAT on this vinyl! Using a hair dryer didn't do much, so I tried a heat gun... which resulted in the vinyl very rapidly shrinking and creating rounded ridges in the wrap. There's probably a sweet spot in there one could find at the right temp but I found it was doable without the heat. 

Decals went on well on top of the vinyl. I used some MicroSet and Solvaset to seat the large Scudo Star on the door to rear quarter panels. Talk about patience with that decal!! The hood louver carbon fiber decals are from a sheet of Scale Motorsports CF, with a lot of Solvaset and careful Exacto work. 

Thank you for the comments!

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Wow!.... The chrome vinyl couldn’t have been easy to work with either.... It must’ve been very thin vinyl to hold to the contours... I’ve worked with a lot of vinyl and I’m very impressed with you results... it turned out looking absolutely spot on... Great effort, and your persistence really paid off🤠👍

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