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charlie libby 1935 indy style road car

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havent ben on much lately. i have done some work on my projects the mustang gasser is done and i am continuing on my offy project. it seems to be coming along fine. trying to do the front of the engine , the gear tower and mag drive and the exhaust  and intake flanges.  i have started on the magneto the cap is done but the mag is not . the fuel injection is electronic , the car will be more modern than the an original. the clear plastic parts are the connectors for the wiring on the injectors. they will be painted black with the injectors. the breather flanges and horns came out nice. the foam breathers under the screen were a little difficult to form,a few got lost because my fan blew them around.it is warm down here right now. all for now thank you for looking 

20210707_135809 (1).jpg




















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Warm ?  WARM ??  It’s 82 right now - 11:24 PM.     If you are set up in your garage - and it is not air conditioned - I’m guessing you are doing most

Of your machining in the early morning ….  Unless you’ve figured out a way to keep the squiters away late at nite …. Nice work. By the way …

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  • it was 87 here and i wish i had a garage. i work in a 12 by 12 shed atached to my house with no air conditioner. i dont have a thermometer in my shed ,it would make it feel even hotter to know.by 2 or 3 in the afternoon thats about it for the day its pretty hot by then.  i really don't mind the heat but cant survive without fans. got the upper water line done toay.it bolts on to the top of the head. nice to hear from you andrew if you are up this way please contact me and stop by to visit. i am thinking about a wall mount ac unit. as you can see the shop is well insulated.thank you for looking 





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Thank you for showing….   Will gladly pay a visit - but I’ll need your assurance that those shrunken heads on the workbench aren’t what’s left of your past shop visitors …. Don’t you wish that we had basements ?  When we took Florida from the Spaniards they probably shrugged and said Here - take it !  - you can’t do basements ….  

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hi andrew, i had a large basement in kentucky, its great. the shrunken heads are people that died from the heat in my shop. i am contemplating a window unit. here are a few pictures  of me checking that so far things fit and line up. temp screws just to check.





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Oh no not another masterful build. I cant get anything done for looking and reading about all these wonderful master pieces of scale modeling. I really like the body work, and the engine is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. 

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hi you guys, thanks to all of you. i have just made my nickel plating solution and plated a piece of brass tubing as a test. it took about 3 minutes to plate this small piece. tomorrow i am going to plate the motor mount that i just finished that is bolted on the front of the offy. thats the water pump on the bottom of the front cover under the mount. i got to get a small window air conditioner  francis , i have got to purchase a few more things to try anodizing. got to wait for clearance from my wife. i didnt like my first magneto so i made a new one, in case you noticed its not brass anymore. 











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that's too cool   -   assuming that the brass was annealed  [or just left out in the Florida sun for a few minutes]  and then shaped with the help of the vice ??

are you using a "plating machine" ??  Ive got an "old" one  -  works good 

- there is a jewelers supply store in downtown Miami that Ive used to source plating solution and equipment ...



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Obviously your plating solution recipe is a success Charlie, it is much better than what I tried with the supplier's product, the brass turned like black chrome on my first try.  The motor mount is just fantastic, thankfully it didn't break with that severe bending... 😓

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hi andrew, using plating solution that i made with vinegar and salt. . i learned on you tube , it seems to work great. yeah i anealed at the bend points and made a bending fixture for the final shape. daniel ,thanks for looking and your kind comments. francis,i made the plating solution as per 2 or 3 you tube videos that were very informative. it works great. it only took about 5 minutes at 15 volts and 1.5 amps to cover it. you have to move it around in the solution to aim it at the anode  to cover all sides evenly. am purchasing the dyes and acid this week for anodizing. hope it comes out as nice as yours. the flywheel and ring gear came out really well. the clutch is next. i got a little carried away and did cams and lifters, but i have the time. hope you all enjoy. i painted the lower crancase covers to see if i liked them in black before i anodize them . i like them in black so i will strip them and anodize them . do you think the upper finned panels in black would be to much?












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I always enjoy getting caught up with your thread Charlie. You always have some interesting techniques to share which is greatly appreciated.   The engine is looking fantastic sir and it's hard to pic out one detail part above another as a favorite. I do admire your header too btw.   Again, thanks for sharing, tim

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aluminum they shall be. thank you francis. hi tim thank you and nice to hear from you. hi jim thank you for looking. hi andrew ,i wasnt going to paint them ,black anodize, but i will go with yours and Francis opinion. i am working on the clutch and the bell housing is next.

nice pic.jpg


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got a good start on the clutch hope to finish it tomorrow. ordered all the stuff to attempt anodizing. should be an interesting science experiment. here is also a picture of the bending fixture for the front motor mount to get the width correct.. still have the actual plate and the attachment arms left for the clutch. the fingers  in the center will rivet on like a real one through the 9 holes on top.







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still working on the clutch and flywheel. got alot done on the bell housing. anybody got any little tiny springs for the clutch disc. got to get the starter located properly. thanks for looking and commenting Bob,its nice to hear from you.







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got the clutch finished and most of the bell housing .have to locate and machine for the starter and make the starter. transmission is coming along. had to ues brass for the back half so i could solder all the pieces. not quite done. maybe 2 more days. when the tans is done i will final finish all the parts and assemble it all to make sure it all fits together. 







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