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I was just looking at one I built in the dark ages.  Wish I had taken the time to build mine as well as you did yours.  Especially the fit of the windshield.  Well done indeed and thanks for sharing it with us.

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58 minutes ago, Rich Chernosky said:

Outstanding...getting those decals to lay down over those vents must have been a real terror.  But you nailed it. 

Exactly - is this the Italeri re-issue of the old Protar kit?

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Many thanks guys! Yes, indeed this is the Italeri re-release of the old Protar (plastic) kit. Some might know that there was a Protar metal kit aswell. Decals in the kit were of good quality but it still was a big PITA to get it look like this. This included mixing paint to match the light and dark blue and red color, in order to cover the spots that were left blank by the decals. 

As regards the real racing car, the LC2 was the only Group C racing car ever to have a Ferrari engine. It was real quick and a serious threat to the Porsche 956's, however in the long endurance races, its durability didn't stand a chance against the 956's. 

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