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Lindberg Jaguar D-Type - rebuild

Steve Geer

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Started this last year as a quickie project but only recently finished.  The supposedly simple ones never are, are they?  Anyway, it’s another re-build from my ‘70s “ugh” box — A Lindberg curbside, multi-piece body, 1/24 D-Type — which was still somewhat intact although minus the headlight covers and sporting a broken windshield along with some heavy sanding scratches under a wrinkled black paint job.  The Dunlop tires are the kit’s originals but the wheels are Asuka (‘Orange’ brand) aftermarket units which sort of resemble the venerable Dunlop racing rims of that era (if you squint).  I molded headlight buckets into the fenders and made some new light covers from clear plastic spoons; fabbed up some bonnet latches and straps and made the side-exit exhaust from aluminum tubing.  After filling the body seams and re-scribing the panel lines, I restored the sanded-off rivet heads using Archer’s terrific 3-D decals before painting it with a Dupli-Color Chrysler dark green pearl – sort of a contemporary take on classic British Racing Green.   I’ve seen a couple of these kitbashed with Revell’s XKSS into some beautifully detailed models.  This is NOT one of those.  Far from contest caliber but decent enough for my model shelf . . . and way better than my original attempt. 

Thanks for looking – comments welcome.

A kit box.jpg

D-type finished 6-21a - Copy .jpg

D-type finished 6-21b - Copy.jpg

D-type finished 6-21c - Copy.jpg

D-type finished 6-21d - Copy.jpg

D-type finished 6-21e - Copy.jpg

D-type on the shelf 6-21 - Copy.jpg

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On 7/6/2021 at 9:34 PM, Dave Van said:

I have two of those put back....you give me hope I can make something from them. Well done.

Thanks!  Hope to see you tackle one of those kits sometime, Dave.  I’m sure it’ll be a sweet model if you do. 


On 7/6/2021 at 11:12 PM, Kah puts said:

I say that Jag has a great vibe.

 Thanks Glen!  Whatever vibe it ended up with is way ahead of the junk box for sure.

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