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1/8 scale Pocher Alfa Romeo Spider Touring

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In the mid 70's I built Pocher's 1/8 scale 1932 Alfa Romeo Spider Touring. At that time the opportunities for research were limited. I borrowed a book from the library, but the limited illustrations was far from enough to make the extra detailing I had wanted. I built the model with a few small improvements, but basically as it was, straight out of the box. There was some poor details like the windscreen, the radiator grille and engine detailing and the fit was quite bad on the large plastic parts. The plastic parts of the body were molded in color, so I never bothered to paint them, but just polished the surface and felt, at the time, reasonably happy with the result.
Nowadays, the Internet offers totally different opportunities to do research, so I decided to give the model an update. The work started in April 2021 and was finished in July 2021. I couldn't get everything apart because I, by some reason, had soldered several screwjoints in the frame, so the engine could not be taken out of the frame. Soon after starting the research, I noticed that the kit offered inaccuracies that couldn't be fixed without redoing the complete chassis. I saw some examples of that, but I didn't want to spend years on this project, so I decided not to try to make a perfect model, but an update true to the Pocher kit, but yet a bit further, which may attract builders without access to a mechanical workshop.
Anyway; here are some pictures of the result, about 350 working hours later. A complete 31 page documentation of the build can be obtained from me for free by sending a request to: lw.studio@telia.com
I have done similar documentation on two other models in 1/8 scale; The Monogram 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray (66 p) and The LeGrand 1976 Volkswagen 1303 Cab (30 p). These can be sent free of charge by sending a request to the same address.spacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.png

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Lars, that is one extraordinarily beautiful model! That scale really allows for showing the features off well. Looks just like a real machine and the colors are to die for! Great work..... Great pics.

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