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1934 Hispano Suiza J12 Fernandez & Darrin


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The idea with this project was to disassemble the model and repaint everything to better match some of the few full size examples still in the world. It helps sometimes to dig up older photos. There's a tendency with modern restorations to put chrome wire wheels and white walls on everything, even if that isn't very accurate for the subject in period. Painted wires don't look quite as nice sometimes, which is a matter of taste, but frequently that's what these cars had to begin with. Hope you enjoy the photos of the updated model and some prototypical Hispano Suiza's I looked at for inspiration. The Fernandez & Darrin cabriolet body appeared both on the J12 cars and K6 as well.

  • Wheels and Tires- Monogram classic series tires (Duesenberg, Packard, etc). Wheel back halves are modified Monogram Packard, front halves are modified Monogram Rolls Royce. Hubcaps are cut down Hispano Suiza caps from Danbury Mint. Tire walls painted with Liquitex water-based black acrylic. Treads are a mixture of gray/brown Liquitex.
  • Interior- Monogram Rolls Royce Henley Roadster bench seat in place of stock buckets. Floor and door panels painted with Liquitex acrylics first, then door panels painted with artist oils over that to give them the look of leather. Oils used to wood-grain the door tops and dashboard, then clear enamel for gloss over that. Sedanca style canvas top repainted a custom mixed warmer tan color in water based acrylics, then sprayed over that with Krylon chalk clear coat.
  • Exterior- Dark blue shade is original Danbury Mint color. Light blue is Tamiya Color for Aircraft, #AS19 Intermediate Blue, followed by Testors #1834 Wet Look Clear lacquer.
  • Engine Compartment- Model originally had a shiny chrome plated firewall. Experimented with Krylon clear Chalk over that chrome to make it look more like the aluminum firewall on full size HS J12's. Also, the model originally had large, square gaps in the engine compartment flooring around the exhaust pipes. Not correct. Added material to complete the flooring like a full size HS J12, covered that in chrome mylar tape, again over sprayed with chalk clear to make it look like aluminum. Detail painted the valve covers gloss black, mixed up a blue/gray/black color for the exhaust manifolds, painted the engine block a warm kind of cast aluminum color, painted the hood sides, added the fabric weather strips common on 1930's cars around the edge of the firewall and radiator.




















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4 hours ago, Jim B said:

Very nice car.  Well done.  What scale is this?

Gentlemen, thank you for all the nice compliments! 😁 Glad you like it.

Jim B, this is 1/24 scale.

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