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Resin 1963 Ford Galaxie (box top)


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Looking for the resin 1/25 63 box top Galaxie that was designed by Ed Flunk, (Drag City).Just like the one in the picture. Maybe someone has one in their stash. I have kits to trade. Will consider trading a more rare, valuable kit to get this body casting. If you have this one and would like to discuss a trade, PM me. Thank you. 


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Ed does not offer it anymore? Darn, I wanted another.

I have one, but the trim is removed to make a Custom 300. Not sure I want to part with it.

Maybe an old promo? You can modify it to a sedan without a ton of work.

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Mine was being used as a Ford 300 also. 

Had my sights on a promo, but it got away. Keeping tabs on another. 

The one I was working on got cracked while setting up a new PC monitor. Now I’m thinking, maybe I should have let the monitor fall instead of allowing the body to get broken. 

I had so much time invested into this project, I just don’t feel like letting it sit. 

Fingers crossed. 

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