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Hasegawa Lamborghini Miura Rear Louvers

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Good afternoon,

I have a parts emergency. I'm looking to replace damaged engine louvers as I don't have the skill to repair or manufacture the part on my own.

I believe there are 2 versions of this kit, the red one I have (P400 SV (1971) and the detailed-up green version. I assume both are identical.

Italeri also made the Miura, however I'm unsure about size and fit.

I did try contacting Stevens International (https://www.stevenshobby.com) the distributor, twice, but haven't received a reply.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Don't hold your breath waiting for a reply from Stevens International, I emailed them about parts for the same kit about 4 years ago. I received one reply saying they would get the part and never heard from them again. I bought another kit. Have you tried contacting Hasegawa directly through their Japan site?


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Posted (edited)

Well, that was challenging. I tried my best to work between Google Translate and the actual Japanese website. They have a parts request form and I was able to submit the request.  We'll see if they get back to me. A bit of a Hail Mary but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks @Mike Chernecki

edit: Also sent an email to the Canadian Distributor: Lightspeed Global Inc.

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In the past I was able to order parts (for any manufacturer they carried) through Hobby Link Japan (HLJ) . But that was several years ago, so I don't  know of they still provide that service.  I suppose you need to have n account set up on HLJ website.

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