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Atlantis 1/16 Green Elephant Vega

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Just started this today so not much to show . Body cleaned and primed in white . Chrome wheels were treated to a coat of dullcoat . I’m sure I’m the end some colors may be wrong due to having info that doesn’t match . Will do as best I can but know some parts will be incorrect . 


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Hi Ray, I am doing the same car. Here is the info that was posted in my thread from Larry.

Maybe it will help. The Lime Ice is very hard to find but I found some on Ebay at a high price.

Body color..#1835 testors lime ice! Or a mix of Testors/Boyd paint 50/50 mix of #52715 bright green pearl & #52707 lime pearl this is the color mix I used to paint Jim's model! this paint might also be not around, sorry.
Rear spoiler.. polished aluminum blade
Bumpers..dull aluminum
Rear window.. dull aluminum
Body tin, all chassis tin, all of the seat, fuel tank and cap, bell housing tin, throttle linkage protection bracket above throttle pedal & pedal, hand brake lever, butterfly wheel...Testors/Boyds #52714 dark green pearl
Chassis..gloss black
Rear axle.. gloss black (chrome cover)
Front suspension..chrome (all of it)
Front wheels..aluminum (dull..semi gloss)
Rear bearpaws..aluminum and medium bright gold centers and part of the flat areas out from center
Steereing linkages..chrome (from steering knuckle to the mount for butterfly wheel (all)
Fuel tank top bracket..(chrome)
Fuel lines..braided with typical anodized fittings connections..(all)
Engine..gloss black
Manifold..dull darker aluminum
Blower case.. Testors/MM # 1780 steel
Injector.. dull aluminum
Hat.. dull aluminum
Hat - vinyl cover..black (crower on front)
Fuel lines on engine upper.. steel (all)
Engine pullys.. dull aluminum
Valve cover..chrome (black boots)
Fire bottles..chrome ( one on top of steering shaft) .....black on
two above rear axle with green anodized brackets and green fittings) anodized red push button
Ignition block.. black (Mallory)
Lines from heads to headers..braided
Headers..high heat flat black
Wheelie bars..chrome (all) except lower main bar anodized green like tin
Wheelie bar casters..chrome with black rubber
Brake calipers.. dull aluminum
Brake rotors..steel and pale gold anodized hub & studs
Rear chassis brackets for mounting the body.. chrome (except hook & locks anodized green)
Drivers cage padding..black vinyl semi gloss (only on two center horizontal bars)
Parachute covers..bright aluminum (red pins & flags)
Parachute lines to chassis..bright aluminum
Window frames..dull aluminum (all)
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Ya know, the Lome Ice looks too light to me. I am partly color blind so there is that. Working on the engine now but need to locate a 1/16 pre wired aluminum distributor. The tube they give you in the kit is a joke. Anyone who could use that stuff and do a nice neat job of wiring the engine would get my full respect !

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Not using much of the kit supplied hoses. To me they are too large and not very flexible. I'm using stuff I had on hand. Some may be a little out of scale but I believe better than the kit stuff.

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You did a nice job on the engine!!  Smart decision NOT to use the kit supplies.

There needs to be a special place in hell for the guy (or girl) that came up with the plastic spark plug wires!!  I thought the Revell spark plug wires were bad!!  I think I will end up buying some from ProTech before this is all done!  

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Made some more headway . Body almost ready for clear after some touch ups and then I will detail the bumpers . I did have a problem with some of the decals . They look great but I found them to be very thin and fragile . I messed up on a couple . 





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5 hours ago, cobraman said:

No , the body is just sitting on the chassis and not at its final resting place . It will be lower when the body is actually mounted . 

aaah, sorry that was me steps a head 

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This one is almost done , probably tomorrow . I’m sure some colors are not correct . Three sources and they are sometimes at odds of each other . Maybe depends on when the car ran ?  Decals did fight me some perhaps due to the size or perhaps I just screwed up !  I will take better pics tomorrow as these are kind of dark . 




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