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Kamaz Masters Dakar Rally Truck - An Adventure In 3D Printing-#3

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As the title states I'm starting another 3D print project today. This time around I'm going for a Big Rig..of sorts.. a Kamaz Dakar Rally Truck. If interested you can buy the files HERE. You only need to buy three files, cab and front and rear axles, the rest the author supplies free of charge. The total cost was around $27CDN for me, not including what resin I will use. I'm figuring it's going to be right around 1kg of raw resin, assuming no misprints or fails.


I'm not 100% certain on the exact year the truck is to represent but I believe its in the mid to late teens, somewhere around 2016-17 based on some of the features. Unfortunately not all details are present on this truck right now, lights, interior, engine, exhaust as this is actually meant to be printed in 1/12th scale and used an RC vehicle. I'm scaling down to 1/24 scale and will be either scratch building, kit bashing or, if I can figure it out designing my own parts and 3D printing those. I'm shooting for the later on most items. I have some reference photos already that will help with chassis details as well as a 3D gaming file with some pretty decent chassis detail I can replicate. 



I just finished getting all my files prep'd for printing last night at work, and this morning a new batch of resin was delivered so I'll be spending most of the weekend printing files. My first frame file is completed now but I won't start assembly till I have all the files of a given section finished so that I can begin building to hopefully avoid any warping as some of the pieces are fairly thin and could warp. 

Here are some random file pics of the 3D prints. I didn't count how many pieces there are but right now I'm thinking it's upwards of 100 pieces currently, and that will change as I add in more details.

First up the Cab.


Some of the parts that attach to the cab, including window frames and airbox vents.


This is one of the six files for the frame itself. I am currently printing the frame sections and will be building this mostly from the ground up.


The driveline is set up to run off of an RC motor, I plan on printing out all the components to see if I can get it to work in a smaller scale but I will not be putting in a small RC motor. I'm hoping to print up a motor to use and then figure a way to connect all the shafts and transfer cases to the engine  to have a fairly realistic look. Here's the front axle.


The 1/12 model is designed to be put together with machined screws. I'll just be gluing or resin welding my parts together and then capping the holes with some 3D printed bolts for some detail.

Another issue I'm going to have to tackle is the wheels and tires. The wheel design is set up to use a purchasable set of rubber RC tires in 1/12th scale. I did the file up for the wheel but I won't be printing them right now, I want to find a set of tires I can 3D print with some nice details then alter the wheel file to match up the tires....I hope. 


I will also have the same issue with the shocks, again, set up to use RC shocks I'm going to have to design my own. I'm still a neophyte at this so over the next few weeks I'm hoping to teach myself some of these skills so I can design my own parts for a better looking model.

I'm hoping to have enough of the frame printed off by late tonight that I can start on some assembly and have a progress pic or two of that late overnight.


Thanks for looking in and all comments and criticisms appreciated. 




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This is very interesting on how your making and building this model. I’m just wondering how long it will take for model companies to sell just the files for a model kit and you then have to print your own parts out. The only thing that they may have to send would be the decals and maybe tires. 

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On 7/16/2021 at 5:44 PM, Mopar - D said:

This is very interesting on how your making and building this model. I’m just wondering how long it will take for model companies to sell just the files for a model kit and you then have to print your own parts out. The only thing that they may have to send would be the decals and maybe tires. 

At some point, you may be right. I would bet there is or will be soon a rubber like resin that will be good for printing 3D tires.

Decals files can be sold too as part of the kit files as well. Time will tell.

Frame update.

 All six files have been printed and are ready for clean up.


And here's the frame assembled, minus the two large brackets in the back of the pic. These are the supports for the rear body work. I'm going to leave them connected to the supports till I'm ready to glue them to the frame to avoid any chance of warpage.


The holes in the frame are where the machine screws go to hold the 1/12th scale RC kit together. I will print off some bolt heads to add in some detail before I paint.

I'm working on the front suspension now, more updates tomorrow.

Thanks for looking in.

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36 minutes ago, Mopar - D said:

Nice how long did it take to print all of these parts?

Dan, it took about 1.5hrs for each of the frame sections, they weren't very tall on the build plate. The rear supports for the body took around 3.5hrs each cause of their height and all the brackets were around another hour. The files for the front and rear axles were another 2hrs each and the extras that go with them were just under an hour. So far I've pretty much been printing since I Friday around noon, tho I did miss a few hours while sleeping. The big files, the body panels will be started on shortly, I'm guess I'll be printing on and off till around Wednesday.

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Posted (edited)


Chassis is almost complete. I still need to figure out what to do for the shocks, the model is designed for RC shocks but I'm going to have to scratch something or try to find some I can print.



The upright frame work, which holds up the rear cargo sections of the truck are not yet attached. I was not happy with the roof panels so I'm reprinting them. One of the issues with scaling down the files is that some of the parts become too thin and just don't print as well as you'd like, so I've reprinted more than a few parts. 20210723_041557.thumb.jpg.cfcd934ea4cc50238aae8221dfe658d9.jpg

Also the differential casing are over sized, again due to the fact that the original design was for an RC chassis. They won't be perfect looking but I can live with it. 

At this time I have not printed out the engine file I have, I wanted to get the chassis complete so I can figure out how big I need the engine and transmission to be to fill up the space inside the chassis as the file I have does not have a listed scale to it, so it will be trial and error. I'm hoping to print the file off this weekend and see where I'm at for sizing. After that I have some more detail parts for the rear cargo area I want to print off as well, some fuel tanks and some air tanks that are on the rear truck. I also need to print off some wheel and tires well.  I plan on printing off not only the 4 driveline wheels but 2 spares for the cargo area as well. 

For the cabin (cockpit) I have the main panels completed as well as the exterior details. I still have to print floor as well as figure out an interior. More files to print off over the weekend. 


Some of the print layer lines are still visible but sand away easily. I plan on getting some primer on some of the parts by the end of the weekend. 

More to come.

Comments welcome. Thanks for looking in. 




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