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charlie libby 1965 mustang dragcar

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here is my finished mustang gasser. long project and i like the way it came out. like all projects you do ,you always think of ways it could be better. i learned alot from this as always and from the projects that you all have built. please keep up with my new project and any help or suggestions are always welcome . thank you all. please let me know what you think of it .

















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Very impressive engine and chassis details. Great looking paint and color, just needs the sponsors decals and lettering. 

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charlie libby, are you sure that you didn't just photoshop real car parts onto your model pics? Incredible detail! I can't imagine the amount of work that went into creating that level of realism in 1/25 scale. Great job.

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This is a fantastic model Charlie, you can be proud of it, the paint is absolutely beautiful too.  The fact that it is 1/8 scale only adds to the challenge as the details have to be even more realistic than in a smaller scale, which you have done wonderfully.  You are an artist my friend! 👌🏆

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Great looking model.  Clean detailing on the front end and motor especially.

I really like the paint finish.  It's glossy and smooth, yet not a super, show car ultra gloss.  The car is just believable.

Also, compliments on the lighting for the photos, excepting the couple of blurry ones, truly well presented.


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