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1957 Chevy Bel Air


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I’m not normally into ‘50s or earlier cars but I figured every modeler needs to do at least one ‘57 Chevy in their lifetime! This is my first attempt at using bare metal foil and may be my last 😅 The trim turned out ok but boy is the process tedious. I painted the interior Krylon Colormaxx flat black with Tamiya XF-16 Aluminum as the accent color. The body is Testors Extreme Lacquer Turquoise and the roof is Tamiya TS-45 Pearl White. This kit has a decent amount of detail to it for such a cheap kit, but the final fit of the hood, bumpers, headlight and taillight trims isn’t great. Overall I’m pleased with the results for my shelf, but I’ll probably stick to my usual 60s-90s cars with less chrome trim!













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That turned out extremely nice. 

I don't normally build '50's cars either but I also have a '57 Chevy kit (an old Monogram release) which I'll build as my foiling skills improve since it will require patience. 

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Your model came out well. I think we are all critical of our own work and the flaws seem magnified to the builder and someone viewing the completed model doesn't see those flaws, just a nice completed model.

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Great looking '57. These colors were very common on these cars in that era and your paint finish looks great. The trim looks good to me as well. 

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Beautiful looking '57, I like the colour combo. Nice work on the bmf too. It's an enjoyable kit this one, but you're right about the fit of the headlights and hood. I had to do a bit of work on those when I built mine. 

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