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Hi Folks,

  I get alot of questions about HRM product availability due to all the "out of stock" tags on the store site.  Brad is still producing his wonderful goodies, just not as fast as we all would like:)

Just received these, including the Cobra Daytona Coupe !!!!











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12 hours ago, kelson said:

Stupid question...are the kits pictured preorders for customers? or are they available to buy from the website?.

I ordered a Shelby from the website yesterday. Hurry up before they are gone!

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I received mine already today (thanks USPS!). The website shows an exhaust system that was not included in my kit. Also, the instructions show to remove the front stabilizer bar from the donor kit front suspension???

I picked up a 67 Shelby at HL on Saturday, but haven't cracked anything open and tried to test fit parts.



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More excellent service from Randy.

Placed my order at 6:24am this morning, got an email at 6:49 am that my order was ready to ship....with tracking number 

and I just checked with USPS and they have my item as of 10am  (I assume local time). 

I wish every vendor would handle things this quickly.

Great work Randy. Thanks.


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It is a very nice kit. I am glad that I managed to snag one during the last round. The only complaint I have is that whoever made the master missed the mark several places in the interior. Of course, I owned a 1:1 68 Mustang for over 23 years. and yes, I know that some of the interior is a direct copy of the AMT '68 GT500.

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More love for Randy and Model Builders Warehouse. My shipment arrived today safe and sound. Not bad, 9 days from Colorado to San Fran to Burnaby BC, to Ontario, pretty spectacular for USPS and Canada Post. I had a shipment come up from Florida recently that took almost 20 days. 

Anyways, thanks again to Randy for being a topnotch vendor. If you have not bought from him, check out his site, he aims to please and carries a nice selection of aftermarket goodies.

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