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Spread Axle Trailer

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Hello everyone, I am trying to convert my Great Dane Moebius 53 foot trailer (part 1302) into a spread axle. I have searched all over and cannot get a good measurement for the axle distance from hub to hub. I saw one measurement for 122" and another for 97" and yet another that said the front axle is set at 41' could someone please help me clear this up?

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Common spreads include 8’, 9’, and 10’, give or take a few inches. So, the 97” and 122” would both work fine.

I’ve seen a lot of 10’ 6” spreads, or 5.04” in 1/25 (5” basically). This seems to be the standard. I think the 41’ measurement is from the kingpin to the first rear axle, and on a 53’ trailer, that sounds right for a spread axle.

For whichever measurement you want to try, mock up what that would look like, and see how you like it.

Something you could check out is the length/axle laws for your state, (sounds like you already have) if you’re looking to replicate something plausible for your 1/25 highways.


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