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Les Ritchey Mustang A/FX


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This is one I've been building as a part of a Mustang group build on a British modeling forum, legendary racer/ tuner Les Ritchey's '65/66 Mustang A/FX 427 SOHC screamer.  It's based on Revell's 1/24 kit in which I replaced the 289 small block with a 1/25 SOHC 427 from the Moebius '65 Comet A/FX Dyno Don kit. Lot's of mods and scratch-building was required to get this engine to fit as well as to incorporate the weird front torsion/ 1/2 leaf spring suspension that replaced the stock struts and shock towers. Headers were scratch-built using solder and the rear differential/ wheel openings and wheel wells were shifted 1/8" to correspond to the 3 inch wheel base shift that was done by Holman and Moody. Rear traction bars were scratch-built using the Revell '64 Thunderbolt part as a pattern. A roll bar was made using .100" OD styrene rod and our kitchen stovetop.  After market parts that I added included Fireball Holley 4160 resin carbs, Detail Master distributor/ plug wires/ looms/ linkage and misc wires and springs.  The teardrop hood is a 1/24 replacement for the Revell kit made by Competition Resins. The tires and Torque Thrust mags were taken from an AMT '62 Bel Air kit.  The Body was painted using Tamiya Silver Leaf lacquer with TS-13 clear coat, window frames were metallized using Alclad Chrome over gloss black enamel and other paints used were mostly Tamiya acrylics.  The key to making this project happen were the fabulous decals that Joe Curtis of Fremont Racing Specialties was kind enough to custom make for me  - thank you Joe!!!

I'm still toying with the possibility of adding air conduits between the carbs and the radiator bulkhead (similar to the '64 Thunderbolts) but it appears to be a "project within the project" so please don't hold me to it.

I've enjoyed building 1/24-1/25 super stock drag car models from the  early/ mid sixtes and these A/FX Mustangs have always been somewhat of a "Holy Grail" to me.  It's wishful thinking on my part but maybe someday one of the model companies will tool a more accurate version of what I've tried to build here (Revell? Moebius? Meng?).




















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What a nice build, your under carriage is exceptionally well done, you incorporated the changes they did to the front suspension and the subtle shift of the rear suspension. A job well done.  I like the '65 A/FX Factory Mustangs and have one that I have worked on, off and on, mostly off, maybe your model will get me to finish it. Your model is probably the nicest example of a '65 Factory car that I have seen. Great Model !

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Fantastic build! I don't think I've ever seen one this accurate. Nobody seems to bother getting the rear wheels where they belong, or the correct front suspension. Job well done! 🤘

I'm a huge fan of these cars, have one long-term WIP and few more in the plans.

Ritchey sure knew his way around a Ford race car, and the quarter mile. It's really sad that he died so young, and in such a horrifying manner. 😟



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This is an amazing job.  I am gathering parts to do one of my own.  It will be with the Model King body and I am going to do it as one that was altered later in the season.  The Warbucks body is a 1/25th body, so I am torn on what to use for a chassis.  If anyone has any ideas, feel free to post them.  I am thinking of the additional altered wheelbase and a straight axle.  Mine won't be as nice or accurate as yours.

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Thanks guys for reviving an old A/FX build of mine from two years ago. I’ve been immersed in building planes, ships and tanks over these wet winter months and am ready for sunshine and spraying shiny lacquer paint again. This Mustang is one of around +25 1960’s super stock/ A/FX builds I’ve completed and am ready to build a few more. I’m really looking forward to that Moebius ‘65 AWB Dodge kit to hit the shelves and have several decal sheets ready to go.

Altered Ego Jeff - I’ve had the same thoughts about the Round2 ‘66 fastback with the retooled body and was thinking maybe the Moebius A/FX SOHC ‘65 Comet kit (either Dyno Don or Arnie Beswick car) might be a suitable donor chassis  for replacing the one-piece kit chassis in the Round2 kit? Both  body and chassis would require a bunch of mods to fit together and to alter the front and rear wheel base but the Comet kit comes with a front suspension/chassis similar to the A/FX Mustang and no protruding shock towers within the engine bay. Wonder if someone here in this forum is already doing this?????

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