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Lowered Volvo 760 GLE


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-Painted with Tamiya TS-58 Pearl Light Blue
-Lowered suspension
-New brakes
-Fujimi rims + added chrome lips
-Stretched tyres
-Exhaust tip
-Rear spoiler
-Modified front lip
-Opened sunroof







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2 hours ago, Spottedlaurel said:

That looks great! I can see there was a lot of work required on the window trims and other brightwork, it's come out really well.

Thanks. Chrome moldings were very tricky to get right. 

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Whoa. I didn't even see this thread when I posted mine earlier. Looks like we have the same idea for colour. 

After some of the issues I had with mine, I was thinking I'd get another kit and do something very similar to what you did.


Nicely done!


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After alot of thinking, I lowered it this way. In front, I didn't use kit brakes. Glued styrene piece to the lower suspension arm. Then drilled hole to it, allowing new stud(white part) to be mounted up(thus lowering car).


For the rear, I left out springs and the triangle structure. I drilled the center axle hole little bit bigger, allowing rear axle to be pushed closer to the chassis. I would have liked to have the suspension little bit lower in the rear, but axle interfered with stock exhaust. So that needs to modified too, if you want lower rear even more.

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