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Finally pulled this one off of the shelf of doom and finished it up about half an hour ago! I guess a rainy weekend was the motivation I needed. I say finished but I really mean done for now🙃. Still need a source for mirrors and add an exhaust. Used the engine from the Revell GTS Dart to represent a 400 big block truck. I mixed up Tamiya acrylics for Mopar engine blue, but for whatever reason, its showing a lot darker than it really is ( I guess my lack of picture taking ability is showing through). The body was sprayed with Tamiya AS-9 RAF Dark Green and the white is Tamiyas primer cleared with ts13. The box is a resin piece I bought off eBay about 10 years ago. The rest of the kit is Little Red Express. I think the tailgate represents an earlier truck(72-76?) but it was all I had at the time I started building this five years ago. The bumpers grill, and rims were stripped of their kit chrome and sprayed using Alcad chrome. I added the upper chrome piece and the lower trim to represent an SE? trim package. I added the drip tray/ trim as the kit one was barely visible, l also should of bmf'd it as well. I also drilled out the molded in headlights and added some parts bin pieces. Comments, criticism welcomed.








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Great looking OEM style build. The paint looks like something that Dodge would have offered and the finish looks real smooth. Nice clean chrome trim. 

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40 minutes ago, Oldcarfan27 said:

Excellent build. Great color choice!

Just remember, don't mix radials and bias-ply tires

Lol. Good eyes. Was wondering if anyone would notice. I lost one tire, it'll pop up in a month or so......right?

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