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Autoquiz 532

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After the hunchback Taunus from last week here the new challenge for this week.

Again here the rules for the Autoquiz and One-Off Build Quiz  because some people don't know the rules 

  • No answers allow in the ongoing Auto quiz thread
  • No comments  in the ongoing Auto quiz thread that give any clues or suggestion to the car in question
  • A PM must be sent to the one who has started the ongoing thread 
  • The PM must contain Year of production, Manufacturer and Type
  • In case of violating the rules  the quiz will closed immediately and no winners will be announced

So please stick with the rules and don't ignore them. 

Auotquiz 532.jpg

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Posted (edited)

I saw this car at the Deezer Collection in Miami in 2013. It is a 1948 Frazer Manhattan. Some said it is a 1947 but the '47 had only 2 bumper guards and not 4 like the '48 model. In principal those members had failed but I said thats ok  because there are no other visible differences between a 1947 and 1948 model. 


Richard Bartrop


Vietnam Vet67







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57 minutes ago, sjordan2 said:

This was the source of my answer.  

Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 11.44.36 AM.pngI found this one, too. Also, some of the sites I visited called it a Kaiser Manhattan, or a Kaiser-Fraser Manhattan. A bit confusing.


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4 hours ago, SSNJim said:

I don't have any stake in this discussion, but I was curious. I've never seen a car with 4 bumper guards that wasn't the outcome of an order from JC Whitney.

Frazer 1947 factory promotional items show 4 bumper guards.



I learned something new. Thanks for clarification

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I knew right away it was an early model Kaiser-Frazer product, but it took some searching in Google to narrow it down.  As people have pointed out, there's no real difference between a '47 and a '48 Frazer, though the two tone paint identified it as a Manhattan model.   I managed to find the photo used in the quiz to nail down the year.

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