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Italeri Volvo 760 GLE


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Something a little different.

This is Italeri's Volvo 760 GLE, I believe original issue from the 80s. Very simple kit that produces a reasonable facsimile of this boxy classic.

Went together well, but I had two issues. 

First, the ride height. The pics you see are AFTER i shaved off some parts to try and lower it. I guess with some black trim, this could be easily turned into a 760 XC!

Second, the front grille/headlights did not fit well. Sanded, trimmed, shaved. Just not a great fit. And the hood seemed too flat.


Still, I like this kit, and wouldn't mind grabbing one of the new reissues and building a modified version. Lowered suspension, BBS wheels, etc.

Paint is Duplicolour's GM Light Blue Metallic. Interior is a Duplicolour Vinyl & Fabric paint. Suitably 80s colour combo.


Built box stock, with the addition of some flocking.

Turned out okay.





The inspiration for colours.






And the pics.











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49 minutes ago, Ceaser_Salad said:

Nice colour! Smooth finish too.

Is it just me or are the badges on the back a little too thick...

Otherwise, great!

Yeah, not just you. I debated whether to go with the plastic emblems or just make decals. Or just fill the holes and leave it bare.

I didn't glue them in, so might still remove them and make decals.



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After alot of thinking, I lowered it this way. In front, I didn't use kit brakes. Glued styrene piece to the lower suspension arm. Then drilled hole to it, allowing new stud(white part) to be mounted up(thus lowering car).


For the rear, I left out springs and the triangle structure. I drilled the center axle hole little bit bigger, allowing rear axle to be pushed closer to the chassis. I would have liked to have the suspension little bit lower in the rear, but axle interfered with stock exhaust. So that needs to modified too, if you want lower rear even more.

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When I rebuilt my Volvo 760, I lowered the suspensioin the hard way by shortening the front cross member and springs.  The rear required more work and a lot of shortening of the center differential and springs along with the triangular strut.  The result was a Volvo 760 without the 4X4 look.




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On 8/23/2021 at 1:28 PM, iamsuperdan said:

Yeah, not just you. I debated whether to go with the plastic emblems or just make decals. Or just fill the holes and leave it bare.

I didn't glue them in, so might still remove them and make decals.

If you didn't glue them, why not just remove them, place them over some 220 grit wet-n-dry sandpaper and sand them down. Just hold the emblem under your finger, and gently move it back and forth.  I have sanded down items like these.  I mentioned 220 because 150 might be too "grabby", and 330 would take a lot of sanding to get the thickness down.

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