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Lowered EG hatch W.I.P


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Lowered EG hatch nothing crazy, just some wheels really. Made the stock spoiler a bit longer to look more like a jdm spoiler, made a lil sub box and that's about it for now. Going to use the door panels from the revell eg coupe for more realistic detail. Color will probably be a teal color since that's what my son picked out.1142129381_Screenshot_20210823-1511412.png.cb31ea7af66aa5461ec0ef1bf96e9282.png656376400_Screenshot_20210823-1511582.png.a8112626ac302e9b14382afec30792d8.png1247204201_Screenshot_20210823-1515242.png.016c952b2c25179a9b6e5c8ead36d731.png1808119405_Screenshot_20210823-1512162.png.c0c6e20fbde0a2cd025460e14b07d863.png

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I got one taillight done. They were supposed to be clear but, the details were so fine that 800 grit paper wet sanded the details off. I did them OEM like they came from Japan unfortunately the orange isnt very visible they are tinted as well, so I may redo it. Also a few pics of the inverted subs. And a side shot of the car. I may put a more profile tire on the front to bring it down a little bit, make it shovel nosed.1145106432_PXL_20210904_1422364682.jpg.7c0e9170d40e77e5c4b6a9570f1f7b2e.jpg


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6 minutes ago, espo said:

Nice fit on the taillights. Some chrome foil or paint in the back of the taillight bucket may help lighten the lights up a little if need be. I like the stance.  

I appreciate it 🙏. Thanks for tip, I may try a different marker for the orange see if I get the results I want. I constantly change things, so who knows what could happen.

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