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'53 Studebaker funny car

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Here's another idea that has been kicking around in my cranium for decades. I got started pulling parts the other day and it demanded to be built. The base is the old Revell Miss Deal (or should I say Ms. Deal?) body. I've always liked the Revellion kit, a Dodge body with the frame from one of the Tony Nancy kits. This is a 'version' of that using the Miss Deal and the frame from the Attempt I kit. The frame is similar to the Mooneyes frame with a narrower roll cage.... Here's the 'yard sale' of parts...


The engine of choice is a Hemi from the Cosmic Charger kit using the optional Potvin front mounted blower (chrome parts on the tree on the bottom right). 


The first order of business is to close up the blower hole in the hood and attach the hood to the body. The hood doesn't fit very well at the front. I filled in the gaps with some thin strips of styrene, some putty and massaging will be needed here...


Of course a chop is in order. I'm using this old yellow painted clapped out frame for mock up purposes. I have a fresh one for final use. While the roof is off, I cut out the hole in the trunk area for the roll cage...



About like that? Sure! 



I decided on some 12 spoke front wheels from the Slingster kit that I had aftermarket chrome plated a while ago...thanks to ADL for the suggestion.


The chop is completed. I cut in the front fender area with a piece from another Ms. Deal body to fill that hole. The headlight covers are from the AMT '53 Studebaker kit...next up is a front air dam...more to follow.


Thanks for looking.  -RRR

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Nice choice of parts, I have one along these lines here, http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/160673-63-plymouth/?tab=comments#comment-2385990                            Really need to pull it out from the back and get started on finishing it. Will be tagging alone on this one RRR

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8 hours ago, Dennis Lacy said:

That last picture with the chopped top looks absolutely WICKED! You’ve got the magic touch when it comes to retro drag cars. Always a treat to watch you put them together. 

Thanks, ADL. I still intend t get back on the '63 Nova sedan delivery, this Stude just jumped out at me....

Thanks for everyone's positive comments....-RRR

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back on the Stude this weekend. Fabbing up the front spoiler. Lots of filling and sanding on the front of the hood where it meets the body. The fitment is poor and it's taking a few schmears of putty and elbow grease....


I'm going to add a strip of half round where the white and blue edge meets, that will clean it up a bit...more later. -RRR

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26 minutes ago, cobraman said:

Cool project ! Not to take away from your build but thought you might like to see a couple I did . 



Yup, very kool, Ray, thanks for posting. I knew I'd seen some done before. I'm also planning to mask off the boomerang side swipe as you did....still debating color combo... -RRR

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Work continued on the Stude this past weekend. I fabricated up an interior/firewall....



I also got the front suspension dialed in....



the front axle is from the Cosmic Charger, the four links are from a Polar Lights funny car kit.

More later.... -RRR

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