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XM523E2 & XM524E2

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current project 

International Harvester IH-8066 (XM523E2) 25 ton truck and FRUEHAUF 55 ton trailer of the United States Army as used in Germany during the mid 60's until mid 70's 

1/35 scale 


enjoy and happy modelling 



















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9 hours ago, Rockford said:

What an impressive job! I wouldn't know where to start with this, nor where to end it! Fantastic work. 

thank you dear 


i shall prepare a comprehensive scoop about the truck history and post soon on the forum


cheers :)

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4 hours ago, bigred63 said:

WOW, what a build! Do you own the truck, where you get your pictures from? I don't think, that many have survived the years! 

i have operated these trucks briefly during service 


as for images, i was lucky to hunt down several surviving truck around the world and was lucky enough to take lots of images for it 

i shall prepare a comprehensive report/scoop about this truck and trailer and post for everyone to see 


great history behind it yet sad ending 



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8 hours ago, Chariots of Fire said:

WOW!  that's all that can be said!  Scratch building skills at its best!  Thanks for posting.  Looking forward to the finished product.

thank you friend 


i am trying to complete it this month 



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The squarish angular cab really shows the trend of the day, reminds me of the snow fighters of Oshkosh , Walter etc all beautiful trucks over  built for heavy work.

Your winch is a tiny work of art  ! 

One of those models that would really be special to look at left in raw plastic with only a clear protective coating applied . 

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