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Toyota Land Crusier BJ44

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9 hours ago, Classicgas said:

Very cool. Any engine detail? Is it currently available?

Currently available, but hard to find in the USA.  I finally ordered 2 from Jumblies in the UK.  The kits were only $22.46 each, but the international shipping nearly doubled that.  Worth it, IMO.  These are re-issues of ESCI kits from the early 1980s, and have never been available with both tops in the box.  The last reissue, around 2005, had no top at all.

These are curbside kits with no engine detail, but very well detailed chassis and body.  All the body emblems are there and very sharp, even the little "4 Wheel Drive" emblem on the back and the big Toyota lettering in the grille.  

The interiors have no firewalls and no pedals, so you'll have to add those if you want them.  If you use one of the tops, that's not very obvious.  The doors are molded to the body.  So if you want a topless Toyota, you'll also have to cut the doors out.

The colors are the same way ESCI originally molded these kits way back when:  black plastic for the chassis and interior parts, bright blue for the body and white for both of the tops.



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