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Revell 1/25 Royal Pontiac 1966 GeeTO


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Still need to do a little more cleanup, especially of a little polish spatter in the engine bay but calling this one done.   I accidentally damaged the paint job in final finishing and needed to strip and redo.  Of course, that meant new decals.  Fortunately, I was able to get a set rather than working with a hi-res scan of the kit decals I had made.  But, in both sets, the red stripes broke apart, even with a coating of Micro Scale Liquid Decal Film.  Otherwise, the decals were fine.  I also had a little warpage in the hood that did not like being adjusted.  I got it as close as possible and decided to let it be.

Engine fully detailed including adding a (non-working) dipstick; Engine Bay also detailed as was the interior, including seat belts; added valve stems to the wheels; and added AMT M&H narrow slicks to the car instead of street redlines.  There were some light scratches on the bumper chrome, especially the front, that needed attention.  I used C1 Models chrome powder on it to clean it up.  Painted with Scale Finishes Pontiac Tiger Gold and Cameo Ivory.   

Part of the cleanup is tweaking the trunk line on the driver’s side.  It is not as clean as I want.


1966 GeeTO (9).JPG

1966 GeeTO (11).JPG

1966 GeeTO (15).JPG

1966 GeeTO (17).JPG

1966 GeeTO (18).JPG

1966 GeeTO (19).JPG

1966 GeeTO (20).JPG

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Looks terrific Gerry. The '66 is my favorite GTO. My wife had a convertable when I met her. I have had that kit sitting on my shelf for a couple years....nervous about doing it for some reason. 

Anyway, you did a great job on her! 👍

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