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Supercars owners circle meet Croatia 2021

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By invitation of Bugatti-Rimac CEO Mate Rimac, the club will be in Croatia for the following three days. Highlights, as far as I am concerned are two Neveras, Pagani Imola (1 of 5), Pagani Huayra R (1 of 30), Koenigsegg Agera X (1 of 7 driven by Christian Koenigsegg personally), Bugatti Chiron PUR Sport (1 of 20), Bugatti Divo (1 of 40), Lamborghini Veneno Roadster (1 of 7), and last but nowhere near least, the legendary Ferrari F-40… None costing less than a million euros, driving around in rush-hour traffic like they are your everyday grocery getters. Here are a couple of videos of them arriving in Zagreb city centre, so not too much engine sounds but some really nice cars there 😎 







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On 10/10/2021 at 3:54 AM, bisc63 said:

Where'd the video go? I only see the player controls, but no images!

Sorry, only just seeing this now! I can still play the videos, so not sure, to be honest. 

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12 minutes ago, stitchdup said:

yes, that grey porsche is prob my fav from the first vid

It’s just the support vehicle and not actually part of the rally, but yea, I hear ya… these hypercars are fun to see, but if I had that kind of money, I definitely wouldn’t buy any of them 😝 I just uploaded a few vids from this year’s event, btw, I hope they work!

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