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1957 BelAir McEwen Funny Car

Foghorn Leghorn

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25 minutes ago, Casey said:

Thanks for the link, Chief. I have an original but i just bought the current issue. I have a pic of my approx 8 year old son posing next to the real car in the pits back in the day. He remembers nothing and that's fine.

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Be aware I ordered one of these from this seller twelve days ago and it hasn’t even shipped yet.  

That said, his feedback wasn’t the best so I figured I’d take a shot and see if it ever comes (I’m in no rush for it anyway…) and if not I’ll get a refund.  

Probably best not to order from him if you’re impatient 🤪 

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On 9/5/2021 at 1:42 AM, niteowl7710 said:

My LHS just got these in on Friday.

What are they selling for in stores?  Did you notice?


Another week later and that one seller who has them super-cheap still didn’t ship mine:


Curiously, Frodo had died, which caused a delay for another buyer:


But seems to be answering emails this week from wherever he went after he passed:


Frodo is risen!


Anyway, say all that to say, probably avoid that one eBayer and buy this kit direct from a seller who’s prices AREN’T too good to be true 🤪

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10 hours ago, Foghorn Leghorn said:

ALL the Negative Feedbacks that this Seller accumulated in the past month were mysteriously deleted yesterday.

That's the power of victimhood.

That’s pretty shady of eBay to do…he had some SCATHING feedback on there (including one from me).

Surprised that they would do that…

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