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1970 Plymouth GTX


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I built this GTX many, many years ago.  I built it box stock and recently rebuilt and polished it.  I left it as is, but if I was to do rebuild it again, I would wire the engine and use Bare Metal Foil for the trim and moldings.










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Looks great Mike. Like you said it was built a long time ago so I like the patina on the rear bumper. You can always touch it up again if you like, someday. 

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Thank you guys!  Inspite of the fact that these are old Monogram kits in 1/24 scale, they do have good crisp moldings.  I think the '70 GTX was converted to the '70 Roadrunner by Revellogram at some point and I have a couple of those built on the shelf.  I have been a bit leary of the molded in color scheme especially if the color is metallic.  Those usually have a lot of swirls in the plastic and sometimes the metallic can be a little too large for scale.  This particular build has good metallic in it. 

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Love it! Always been a fan of the Monogram kits from back then. Not tons of detail but they sure look spot on when done. Nice that you’ve kept it, I gave away all the 1:24’s I built as a teen in the 80’s. 

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