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Orange Crush Huskie

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On 9/7/2021 at 4:09 PM, gotnitro? said:

Ya know now you mention it , they do look odd, almost capped on top  . I didn't get a close inspection of the truck, there was a big crowd lurking around it .  I did overhear it had a 270 Cummins under the hood though

I'm back on this build and while looking for some other details, I noticed the stacks.  As seen below, they are "capped" and the tops appear welded on, ie, not removable.  Each side looks to have 4 holes (about 3/4-1") front to back in the caps.  This would seriously reduce the outlet surface area and I imagine would create some serious backpressure.  I admit I'm not up to date with the custom truck world but it seems to me this isn't going to be driven much.  If anyone knows about this, please chime in as I'm curious to know the background info.  As far as modeling it, not a big deal.  Stacks are cut and caps on, I need to smooth things out, drill the holes and add the chrome.  I already did one pair but they ended up too short.



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Nor would I, they look like they are welded on.  Makes sense though, when the exhaust pressure gets high enough, they open, if less pressure, I guess the exhaust uses the holes.

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Progress on the rear fender fab, sheet styrene with small angle stock for the outer lip.  Currently waiting for the primer to dry, then finish filling and sanding.  Brake light housings in progress, used a  small hole punch for the holes for the brake lights. 




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This will likely be the last update.  Rear fenders are done, just need to be painted and installed.  I have the mounting brackets fabbed and attached but will add more support underneath as those 2 little tabs aren't stout enough to hold things in place.  Brake light housings are on.



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