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Old Build '59 Edsel


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I was just posting this old Edsel build on a few Facebook groups and I thought it might be time for it to make another appearance here. ;)

An AMT 1959 Edsel Corsair.















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I always love to see your builds, as there is such a fresh, cleanness to them , like a newly minted coin.

I have watched your builds on other forums under my different screen names, and always enjoyed your latest presentation. This is no exception.

In your own way, you make the hobby so much better, just in the way you take your skills to a higher level, and give so many a picture of 

what they can accomplish, with some extra effort - BRAVO on your part in this hobby we enjoy so much.


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You forgot the pickle! The emblem in the grille on '59s is tinted grassy green, and is referred to by enthusiasts as "the pickle". Love this model; especially love the roof line at the back glass area.

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10 hours ago, bisc63 said:

You forgot the pickle!

No sir, I did not! :D


If you look closely at the final front end shot, you will see that the pickle is indeed painted green.

Possibly not the exact correct green, but it is green. ;)






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