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What I built a 100 years ago.


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There's a time when most of us have our 15 minutes of fame, and then over time we are forgotten about.

I didn't mind being forgotten about, as I was enjoying the hobby, in my own quiet way, and no one was being 

difficult as they were many haters years ago, and hated it if you were any good at any thing when the forum began.

I loved the 20's and 30's cars back then, and here are just a few of what I loved at the time.

I was a bit of a scratch- builder for a while, so some of these are one of a kind builds.

I included a few other models that I thought you might enjoy. Some done and some on the way.

This is a really nicer place now to show models and make friends. Much better now 👍.I like it here.













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I like it here too. It is fun to show the results of ones hobby to others who appreciate them and to get positive feedback and constructive criticism from those more experienced than me, that helps improve my own ability.

Than you for sharing your beautifully done models.

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2 hours ago, Claude Thibodeau said:

Hi David! 

Wow, many of those I see for the first time. World class roster, really. Bravo!


Thank you @Claude Thibodeau.

I love this hobby, and have for more years than I care to admit to :lol:.

How blessed to enjoy something we're all so passionate about.

Can't believe after all these years, we're all still pretty good at it 👍.

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I am relatively new to this forum and have never laid eyes on any of those that I can recall. Thanks for re-posting them because they are beautiful! Definitely among the finest work I’ve seen anywhere. This is indeed a great forum!👍

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