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G'morn,,hope your summer has been a good one. Ive been visiting  Hobby Lobby these days,,every other week they a 40% off on kits. So,,for 13$  you can get quite a few cool kits,,maybe not the latest releases but still some fun kits to do.  And here is the "Ol  Pro"   Nova everyone has seen for many years,,a cool kit,,aside from the separate front fenders that have to attached before painting{really?}  But the motor and  the rest of the  features that come in the kit are great,,the decal sheet has many product brands to choose from,,very nice.   I did the 70's version,,"jacked,,Stacked,,shackled  up rear"  Some basic wiring  ect,,pretty much what I do to all my builds,,not a contest car,,just a nice one for the shelf!    Rattle can sprayed hardware store paint,,testors  bottle paint for everything else.  Enjoy whatever you may have on the build bench!    Cheers!      SS






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On 9/12/2021 at 11:26 AM, Painted Black said:

So cool... I remember riding around in Randal Holt's orange Nova and it was jacked up just like that, had to keep your legs straight or you would slide out of the seat... 1973 was a good time.

Thanks,,Randal Holts?  post a pic if you got one.  Yes things were much simpler back then,,and more creative,,folks did models,,painting,,woodburning,,and so much more.  Now we all stare at our    I-phones  as we walk out into a street with traffic everywhere,,lol  {at least some do,,not everybody}

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2 hours ago, LouO said:

Very cool, back when crazy cars like that were actually seen on the strips. I dig it man!

Thanks,,I was watching the show  "Chips"  the other day,,the one about the CHP Bike cops..and every single car/truck in that show is now a collectors item!  And the show always has great car chases . I think theres an episode where  Erik Estrada  drives a 70 Mustang in a drag race epipsode,,sign of the times I guess.

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Thanks Zippi + TA mike,,,always enjoy everybody elses work  here  too.    So I got the  66 AMT Chevelle  PS car going just now,,metallic Purple Metalflake,,red interior,,,Should be a cool one also.   Im adding a rear deck wing on it,,did some dremmel work to open the wheel wells,,well see what happens w/it.   Build On !

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