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Maisto 1/18 Datsun 240Z modified


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Outstanding work!!! You've made this model more appealing to me, all of a sudden... Every time I see this one, I just put it back on the shelf... Not my cup of tea, but what you've done to it makes me think a little bit... This thing looks awesome, now...

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Nice!  I just finished a 1/24 Burrago 'Tom Daniel design 280Z' (really a 240, thank gooness!) with a lot of aero doo-dads as a drag car, and it came out well.  Very few changes to metal parts attempted, but lots of mods, esp to engine compartment (a total 'toy') and drive train/wheels-tires.  It got a 'Nissan' injected big-block, huge slicks in wheel tubs (there went the stock suspension, oc!) full scratched roll cage, NOS, and the complete paint scheme and decals from the Revell Pete Brock/John Morton champion I 1970-71 SCCA racer, #46 -- except I reversed it to race #64.  Very HRM 'Drag Week'! Boy, those old decals are delicate!!  

I have a Road ---- die-cast 1/18 early Z-car that I've painted to look like my 1/1 '71, and it is autographed by Brock and Morton; and I may add my own- I wrote the book!  Also, 6-7 early 240Z kits, including the Tamaiya huge-scale ZG one, which I may convert to North America standard, and paint like my '70 bought 7-'70 in Texas when a G.I.  Wick  Photos as soon as I learn how...

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