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AMT Knight Rider 2000

Mike F.

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For my next project, being a glutton for punishment, I am planning to add an engine to this Knight Rider kit.

A few years ago, my son got this kit for me as a Father's day gift. Being the person that I am, I felt the kit was too simple, given that it had no engine and not very many parts, so I set it aside until I decided what to do with it.



Recently, I ran across this old turbine engine from Revell at a local hobby shop and thought it would be fun to use in the Knight Rider. I'm going to remove the chrome from most of the pieces using Simple Green cleaner and then paint with various metallic paints for some contrast. They are in the cup to the side. Then I may a add a battery, some wiring and hoses. I'll see how it goes. I need to research some turbine engines to learn how they work.


So far, I have removed (cut out) the hood from the body. A feat that I learned is harder than it looks.

That's all for now.



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So, after a lot of sawing, cutting and filing, I have the frame and interior bucket sufficiently mutilated to allow for the turbine engine to sit "properly". I am going to have to fabricate some sort of hood scoop for it, since it sticks out of the body slightly. More fun.

The plastic that the frame is made from is very brittle compared to what was used for the body. Strange how that is. I caused some cracks that I'll have to deal with.

Also, I'm going to have to come up with some creative way to deal with the intrusions into the interior.2027320767_20210922_1526281.jpg.51604c4c714859d3c488dbdbb53a9323.jpg1663240064_20210922_1549551.jpg.73af57838fa2648d4194013b2871b6e4.jpg2075100416_20210922_1522561.jpg.6397cb7682f4823ef4fc23f1f46ec62e.jpg1308980360_20210922_1525181.jpg.e018896791ca34f4dcac6b833851e636.jpg386728371_20210922_1524031.jpg.99ba0741c2f252b17c9dc447c7cd7f0a.jpg



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Some progress on the hood.

I had a hood from a '70s era corvette that I trimmed down to what I felt was an appropriate size and grafted it onto the hood that I cut out from the body.

I then cut some of that out from beneath to get to what is seen below. I'll do some putty work to hopefully smooth out the hood, but I think I like the result so far. Any comments or tips are welcome, good or bad.


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9 hours ago, Tabbysdaddy said:

I've been watching. I like what you're doing. The engine is really cool and a good choice for the car. The hood will make the front end less boring. 


7 hours ago, slusher said:

nice work getting you engine in. I like your hood scoop. Keep up the good work.

Thank you both.

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1 hour ago, Mr. Metallic said:

I'm glad I stopped in on this thread. Pretty unique build you have going on here. 

That turbine engine looks great. nice job finishing it out. You rarely see these built, even when they were new.

But how the heck did you find one of these for only $5??????  What a steal.

Just stumbled across it, looking for a kit with two engines, for a donor.  At the time, I did not realize how old it was, until I did a bit of research. There were two more. I'll have to go back and see if they are still there. Not a big seller, I guess. 

Was thinking I might try to recreate the Chrysler turbo dart. Although this is not a replica of that engine.

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I'm liking this thread.

When I saw you were using the Revell turbine, I thought "He gonna find out how big that thing is." I built one up a while ago. It took up the back of a pickup bed. Something I learned about that engine is it's not based on anything real. Bob Paeth said the crew at Revell just kinda made up what they thought a turbine engine would look like.

Keep going! I want to see how this turns out.


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Thanks Scott.

Yes, it is pretty much wedged in there and had to cut up the interior pan a bit. However, it is sitting on the frame. Won't look realistic, but still fun. Good thing about the turbine not being real is that you can take some liberties with the detail, which I did.

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So, some progress. I finished the hood and decided to go with this metallic green for the body color. I may do the roof in gloss black, not sure. Also may add some striping. Body needs a wet sanding and then another coat of the green, followed by some coats of clear. It's getting there.


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