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Tandem Haul Away car transporter

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30 minutes ago, Bills72sj said:

You are drilling them by hand?!?! Holy mackerel! You should get a variable speed mini drill.



Thanks Bill I’m going to order one of these drills. 

17 minutes ago, Sam I Am said:

I like this a lot !  Great idea on that front lower ramp, makes it more realistic.

Thanks Sam. I could not leave it the way it was. The wheels on my Barracuda were not touching the way it was before. 

I’ve been drilling on and off all day today and was able to get 450 holes drilled finishing the one section. 



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On 9/16/2021 at 12:22 PM, Mopar - D said:

Thanks Charles this was really our first big storm this season here in the Houston area. 

Thanks Bill yours look looks really nice in the red, white and blue. 

Thanks Spencer

Thanks Jeff, I have not told JT yet about the orange for this one. He likes the tandem axle. Yea I know what you talking about with the mosquitoes we have them from March to November here. 

I did a little mock up of where I’m going with this build. It’s going to be a load of 67 Dodge and Plymouth cars. 



You Sir are a brave soul indeed. Ambitious project.

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Thanks Tom,

I’ve got all the holes drilled on the top level now I just have to do the bottom section. I’m at 1625 holes drilled. I started building the rear hydraulic’s and supports for the upper rear section. I’m going to drill some holes in the stationary supports so that I can pin it in the upper position with a car on it.  





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Thanks Chris,


I gave my fingers a rest on the drilling and worked on adding some structural support to the back upper section and finished the stationary struts with pins to lock the upper and lower positions. I also did another test fitting to make sure the cars still fit. I’m at 1800 holes drilled to date. 





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You drilled all of those hole by hand with a pin vise?? Wow!! My hands would have stopped working at about 250, and my hands would surely never work again if I made it to 500. 😀

The results look great!! Excellent work as always!!

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Back in the days when these trailers were n the road,the car companies were very fussy about what kind of truck hauled their cars,it was always a ford truck hauling fords,a GMC hauling general motors products,etc. They always seemed to be an ugly old convenental of some sort,they were real work horses.They all had a rack on the roof for a car too. harvey

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I’ve finished the tandem Haul Away trailer and have it loaded up with 1967 Mopars. Thanks to everyone’s comments I appreciate them. I will be posting more pictures in Under Glass. 









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