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Haven't posted a build here for a while,so thought i'd share this one i was planning to build a pace car,but the aftermarket decals were in one of the other kits.Luckily i had some unused paint from a couple years ago on hand,interior will not be black if possible.🤠IMG_3030.thumb.JPG.2c138ff99cc5f54a8ebc5d20e9e9f0fd.JPGIMG_3020.thumb.JPG.9a3b884b4f40dfda412c420708f98c11.JPG 

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On 10/4/2021 at 5:22 AM, Plowboy said:

If you want a better chassis, use one from an AMT '66 Fairlane. It's almost a drop in. Just needs a little clearance work on the transmission/driveshaft tunnel.

I don't have an extra laying around,but that was my first plan.With the fairlane being reissued soon,hopefully someone will part one out on Ebay.🤠

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Looks great!!.... I'm looking forward to seeing it completed.

I own a 1:1 '68 Fairlane hardtop, so I collect and build 68-69 Fairlanes/Torinos. My '68 was born Lime Gold, but I didn't care for the color when I bought in 1982, so I painted it Wimbledon White. I like the color now, so one of my many WIPs is this Lime Gold 68 hardtop, i'm building it to replicate my car when it was new.  😎 

68 Fairlane 01.jpg

68 Fairlane 02.JPG

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