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1958/9 Plymouth Fury: Christine

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1958 Fury engine was an A block 318 Poly head with dual wcfb carbs. A 350 B block was optional. The 59 Fury came stock with a 318 and an optional 361. I used one of my 318's with one of Joseph's afb carbs in my 59 Fury. This engine was never made in model kit form. Members on this forum own 19 of these engines as I make them available to those who contact me. The B block engine is the early version of the 383 with a lower deck where the heads go. The Torqueflite transmission is the early cast iron version and not the 727 aluminum one. The B block Golden Commando engine also came with dual quads, so you would need a duel quad manifold. Here are examples of my 318. They are instructions on assembling it properly and will give you an example of a 318 engine for those years. 

They engines were painted silver.



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Hello All

Thank you all for the responses, they are much appreciated. I am not sure I am ready to make a 100% accurate one yet...Maybe in the future, So at the moment the engine remains the same. However it is something that is good to know for a future build where I would like it to be accurate. Thanks



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