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“That’s the nice thing about a 707. It can do everything but read.” I love Boeing’s good old 707. The plane that truly ushered in the commercial jet age. Despite DeHavilland’s Comet being there first. I also love old movies. And have always enjoyed the 1970 movie Airport. Most of the the shots of Chicago’s imaginary Lincoln airport, were shot here a Minneapolis. The I question from that movie, is whether I’d be willing to fly in airplane with Dean Martin as the pilot. I like Dean a lot. But, his on screen drinking, in other films and TV would make me question the wisdom of flying with him at the controls. Though he does have the first James Bond, Barry Nelson in the copilot’s seat. And Dean being Matt Helm, I assume he should know how to fly. 

On to the model. The kit is Minicraft’s TWA 707-331, in 1/144 scale. A fair kit quality wise. When all is said and done, it looks okay. Decals are from Vintage Flyer Decals. And are in general are very nice decals. Giving few to no problems in their application.  This is not the first time I’ve used Vintage Flyer Decals. Ive been pleased enough with them, that I plan on using them on more in future builds. 




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