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Blown Flathead


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No kits I can think of right off hand have "blown flatheads", but it's not too hard to build one up from parts.

Some of it depends on exactly what era you're modeling too.

An early post-war blown flathead, like the one built by Barney Navarro in around 1948, might have used a small Roots-type GMC diesel blower (3-71 or 4-71) salvaged from a surplus landing craft engine. GMC blowers are still used today.

Previously, as far back as the mid-1930s, you could find centrifugal blowers (Robert Paxton McCulloch founded one of the first companies in the US to produce and sell them). Similar units were made by Frenzel. Centrifugal blowers can be used today also.

The S.C.o.T. blowers, also Roots-type, made in Italy, were somewhat popular for installation on flathead engines in the '50s and early '60s. They're still much sought after for building "period" cars.

A Latham axial-flow supercharger could be applied to a flathead too. They're most likely to be seen on cars built in the late '50s to early '60s...again, sought after for some builds now.

All of these units are available from the resin aftermarket, notably Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland.

There are numerous kit sources for Lathams, GMCs, Paxton and McCulloch blowers, and one not-too-good S.C.o.T. unit, but none (as far as I'm aware), are in kits with flatheads.


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if you decide to go with the traditional roots blower (non SCOT) to make a 471, you can basically cut one rib out of the 671. everything else would be the same 

I feel a 671 on a flathead is far too big.

Ace is dead on with his info 



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