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1960 Ford Starliner by AMT


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Great kit by AMT with lots of detail and very easy to build. Comes with two engines to build stock or custom. Paint is Champagne Gold with Olympic Gold roof. Interior is Olympic Gold and white. I couldn't recreate the seat insert pattern like the real car so I did them in Olympic gold with a dusting of Aztec Bronze to darken them down a bit. The exterior colours were difficult to work with when working out the right colour combination for the interior. I spent way too much time thinking... "should I do gold seats with white package tray? ..white seats with white door cappings and dashboard?" etc. I painted the interior a couple of different configurations before I was happy. The only issue I had with the kit itself was the wheel backplates and rims were too wide for the stock tyres. I had to shave them down and cut out the rim centres to clear the hub spindles, with the hubcaps covering the damage it worked out well. So yeah, very nice kit by Round2. 






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Nice work.   One thing about the 50s and 60s cars,  you get good at foiling after you do a few of them.  I have one of these somewhere that I'll get to 'one of these days'   At least I keep telling myself that.

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4 hours ago, deuces wild said:

Absolutely amazing!!!!!......🤗😎😍👍 

Mind if post these pictures on the hamb????...

Them guys on there love this stuff...😉

Yeah, of course you can. I'm humbled that anyone thinks my builds are good enough to share!

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