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Tim Donnelly passes 77 years old EMERGENCY! "Chet Kelly"


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Tim  Donnelly passed away Sept 23,2021 he was 77.

He was best known as one of the Firemen, and prankster from Squad 51 Emergency!  Chet Kelly loved his pranks, and poor ol' Johnny Gage was usually on the receiving end of them. Cozi TV runs a two hour block of EMERENCY! @ 11 am to 1 pm EDT. We watch it every day 5 days a week, only minus half of the noon one for local news(weather)......

Tim Donnley.gif

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Sad to hear.

I've been watching reruns on MeTV lately and the show still holds up!

Now that leaves Dr Kelley Bracket, Dr Joe Early, Nurse Dixie McCall, Battalion Chief Conrad Sorenson, Capt Stanley, Chief McConnikee and now Chet Kelly have gone on to that great firehouse in the sky.

But we still have Firemen Roy Desoto, Johnny Gage, Marco Lopez and Mike Stoker (the only real fireman in the show and the one who drove Engine 51 in all the scenes).

Greatest part of the whole series, being produced by Jack "Dragnet" Webb, was that the premise was based on the actual beginnings of the Paramedic Department in Los Angeles in the early 70s and that a lot of the stories dealt with how it all began and based the episodes on real life situations. It also was the inspiration for many folks to take up a helmet and join firefighting as a career!

I'd say that show had a remarkable influence on society and may have even actually saved a few lives!

I doubt that Friends, The Simpson's, Two and a half Men or more modern Television shows can say that!

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