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And now for something completely different...

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I had this idea brewing for a few months so I decided to make it happen.

I built this Jeep many years ago. I also had these monster truck tires in my tire box. So I thought I would combine them for a low riding Jeep. I know monster trucks are real high but I liked this to be low. I carved off the fenders front and back.



I then decided to make a roof in a "C" cab form.


Then I decided to add a surfboard. So I scratch built one for the roof.


I didn't like the flat Jeep dashboard so I took two old Vette dashs and combined them with an extension so it would span the distance. I liked the grab bar for the passenger. 


That's all I have so far. 

Thanks for looking and I hope you like it.

All constructive criticism is welcome.





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Thanks guys!

I finally got it painted. We recently moved across country from NJ to AZ and I thought lost my airbrush. after tearing things apart I finally found it. 

I tried different colors of nail polish and somehow got this color. I wanted the vehicle blue after its name - The Blue Crab. Its a color change combination of about 3 different color nail polishes.

I'm still working on the surfboard colors. I think they will compliment the blue. 

More to come!

Thanks for looking!


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