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1970 Alternate History: Petty stays with Ford


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An Alternate Timeline presented......Petty and Plymouth negotiations stall trying to get Petty to return to the Mopar fold.  Ford catches wind of such and doubles down on factory support. Other team owners cry foul and Corporate sponsorship of race teams is a new frontier that ignites funding war that arrives 10 to 12 years early. 

With this new development,  Petty Enterprises seizes the opportunity when approached by STP for sponsorship without knowledge of the Ford proposal and a loop hole in the Ford contract on Primary Sponsorship.   Or in other words: What if....

The Chassis is that of a JRSalvinos Charger. While having 3 builds going simultaneously back early this summer, I mistakenly glued one chassis in the wrong hole thus making the wheel base longer and unusable for the Charger.  Glued so well that I could not separate without destroying the chassis, I set aside the kit.

 Then it dawned on me that I might be able to use another body/make. Definitely did not want to trash a kit so off to the parts box. Knowing that 1970/71 would be a transitioning to truck trailing arm, I was beginning to feel like I just might luck out till I found a Revell 70 Torino body.

The 70 Revell body was already prepped and primered for a race car project that got sidetracked. I came across a resin flat hood and extra grill that long ago picked up and tossed in the parts box.  Since I had quite a few #43 decal sheets, all white pinstriping on the Torino came from the JRS decal with some splicing and overlapping.

The 429 was an extra from a Polar Light kit. The engine bay cross member and hoop had to be modified to accommodate the Ford behemoth.  Other than that a much taller back panel separating the interior from the trunk was required. Also added are some of the WIP pics.    















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Excellent build. I've always wanted to do an alternate history putting Rex White in a 64 Chevy that happened when Chevy decided not to drop out of nascar in 1963. Can't get enough inspiration to get it done.

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