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Off-Road 4x4 F-150 (Ford) - Lindberg #72177

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Now...there are some cars you want or have to build....than you realize, that there is not that kit you can use. for example:

My wish: i have to build that Ford F150 as a snglecab and stepside (because it looks cool). Revell did the same model as kingcab with stepside or a singelcab fleetside (or styleside...what ever it is called). you have the point? if you want that specification, you have to use two different Revell-Kits.

And than you will realize while searching those Revell-kits, that the fleetside is very hard to get. You realize, that the stepside-singlecab is also available as the Lightning (wich is a cool truck of course) but not the goal i followed. Built the Lightning btw couple years ago.

After a lucky hit, i found that Lindberg kit. perfect! Thats the way to go. Singlecab and Stepside. Perfect.

But...after i started the build - first the engine - i was not amused. it is simply terrible to build. The Chassis also and after some painttrouble (sure!) the windshield will not fit. That was the point i said: "the main thing is that it is done.😤

What is done? Most out of the box. scratchbuild bullbar, attached driver and passengerside windows, tainted all windows, painted golden stripes. here and there paintissues and paintchips "corrected", black semi flat hood. Fortunately you cants see at the and all the stuff that didn't want to fit and all the improvements 😅

have fun!











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Thank you very much for your "clap on the shoulder". 

it is finished, and i am fine with it. 

8 hours ago, Intmd8r said:

Good looking truck, despite the mentioned challenges.

The Lindberg name is not something that I associate with high quality, from my experience lol.

they have some better kits. the 61 Impala or Dodge A-100 or 53 Ford victoria i have built and the were not as bad as this F-150.

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Despite all the problems you had, you've wound up with a very nice build... I don't know how many times I passed the kit up... Never purchased it... Never appealed to me... I have had 4 F-150's of various specs, but not this one.. That being said, yours looks rather nice... Excellent work, Man...

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Thank you very much David and JT. 

JT, if you like to build one, choose the Revell or amt. mixe them with cabin and bed you need. i think, thats the right way. Have you some pictures from your F-150?

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