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Basic work truck White Freightliner

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Finished this one up a few weeks ago.  Started out as the 75th anniversary WF kit. Made the paint scheme up myself, scratchbuilt the mudflaps/hangers, exhaust, and scratchbuilt the updated steps. I even extended the rear hubs since they sat too far in the rim. Simple but looks great!





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7 hours ago, Bronzekeg said:

looks great, tough kit to make look right.

I agree. These freightliner kits are a challenge to assemble, but once you fix the few flaws it has, it's a relatively easy kit. I love them! 


Thanks for the comments everyone!

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Man... This is a beautiful build... I love it... Excellent work on the steps... Man, that looks good... I like the windows in the back of the sleeper, too... That looks really cool... And it always helps to have antennas like those... A statement piece, for sure...

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On 10/8/2021 at 3:12 PM, DRIPTROIT 71 said:

Nice looking Freightliner!! I like the stripes!! Nice job!

Thank you! The stripes were something I came up with myself. Thought it looked pretty unique😊

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