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what I seen at the local Minute Man Resturant

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Brief history of this vehicle.



It has been refitted as a food truck.



Recent history (changed hands again).


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1 hour ago, dave branson said:

they have 1 and it is Jacksonville


That's where I went to HS.. North Pulaski... but I lived in NLR and remember the one at the corner of JFK and McCain.  I don't remember one in Jacksonville though.

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23 hours ago, dave branson said:

Do not if you know , North Pulaski is no longer a school they built a new school where the old Jacksonville High School was, and built a new High School that combined Jacksonville, and North Pulaski

For some reason I searched for it a couple of years ago and found that NP was turned into a middle school.  Is that gone now too?  In that search I also saw that they had combined the two high schools.  I thought that was strange if it is still pulling students from the same area but I'm sure they probably built other high schools for those on the NLR side I was on.  I lived closer to Sylvan Hills that NP but they sent us there.  I also saw they turned my old Northwood Junior High into a different school too.

I also went to HS in Muncie, Indiana and they turned that nice HS into a middle school.

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