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32 Ford Vicky

Tom Kren

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Well I just finished her 32 Ford Vicky resin body and interior from Replica & miniatures ,wheels are from 3-D Scale Parts , rear tail lights  are also from 3-D Scale Parts ,after market air cleaner cleaner from parts box, pre wired distributor  from Morgan Automotive Detail.Front and rear have been lowered paint from Bob's Paint Grey Pearl with some white added to lighten it up a bit.this is my version of a car I saw at GoodGuys show hope ya like!








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@Tom Kren

WOW !!!

I just love this new style of car building we are seeing at car shows, and in car magazines.

Yours is a kind of a retro-style, contemporary look with the under-stated monochromatic paint,

black wires, and an aggressive low stance.

Beautifully built and presented here 👍.


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Killer!  I assume that's an AMT body merged to a Revell 32 kit?  What kind of mods did you have to do to make that work?  And yes, tell us more about the wheels. I see knock-offs from the ZZ top eliminator or 40 pickup kit, but what are those wheels from? 

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